e-DREAM (European Distributed REsearch Infrastructure for Advanced Electron Microscopy) is a not-for-profit initiative formed to promote cooperation between European-level advanced electron microscopy infrastructure providers, collaborative research and transnational user programmes.

Recent updates

Terms of Reference are currently being drawn up to formalise the e-DREAM initiative. In addition, plans are underway to establish a legal entity in the form of an AISBL.

The ARIE-Group (including e-DREAM) submitted a proposal to the European Commission (HORIZON-INFRA-2021-SERV-01-04— Research infrastructures services enabling the development of materials for a Circular Economy).

Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe (ARIE) raises attention to the funding needs of research infrastructures in the next Horizon Europe programme.

e-DREAM is a member of the Analytical Research Infrastructures of Europe (ARIE). The ARIEs are centres of scientific and technological excellence. Supporting a growing community of researchers across Europe, and indeed the globe, they bridge scientific disciplines, academia and industry, and function as multi-faceted science and technology enablers.