European strategy

This WG addresses short-term and long-term perspectives and sustainability of electron microscopy (EM) in the European landscape of Research Infrastructures (RIs). It defines schemes and approaches to maximize the impact of EM. It develops a user service evolution strategy at international, national and local levels

Leader: Regina Ciancio
Co-leader: Markus Schmitz

Data policy

This WG addresses data management, storage, access and file formats, with a focus on open science. It compiles information about existing solutions, works on data policy and approaches for best practice and contributes to developments for the benefit of the community.

Leader: Jordi Arbiol
Co-leader: Etienne Snock


This WG addresses software for data acquisition, analysis, simulation, instrument control and remote access. It compiles information about existing solutions and contributes to developments for the benefit of the community.

Leader: Rafal Dunin-Borkowski
Co-leader: Johann Verbeeck


This WG addresses hardware standardisation of instruments to improve interoperability of multi-vendor and self-made equipment to enable an open ecosystem that fosters innovation. Safety aspects and environmental concerns will be translated to recommendations as guiding standards for the community. Both mechanical interfaces such as flanges and mounts and electronic signals such as detector triggers will be considered. The WG compiles information about existing and emerging technologies and collaborates with related fields (including particle and laser physics) to decrease the gap between what is technically possible and what is available for EM.

Leader: Johann Verbeeck
Co-leader: Jordi Arbiol